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Christopher Igirikpa Limited (CIL) also provides services in the telecommunication industry. Because we have certified FOA instructor and Engineer (with specialty in telecomm.) with huge field experience and understand fiber optics technology, we are able to render quality fiber-based services ranging from Consultancy and Training, Optical link design and Site survey, OSP/ ISP installation Supervision, Fiber link maintenance/ troubleshooting and Link documentation. In all these services, CIL ensures proper adherent according to international standards (ISO, IEC), national standards (NIST, TIA/EIA) and local codes (NEC 770, NEC 800.52B)

The beautiful thing about our services is that, we not only do our clients jobs to leave them, but also help in the link maintenance over a period of time as agreed on the contracts.

CIL, also, as part of our job helps in training our client’s technicians to be able to work harmoniously with their network engineer/ administrator for continuous effectiveness of the network. Apart from doing fiber- based jobs and training our client techs, we also run local (skills based) fiber optics training with co-operations and individual who wish to know this technology to finding a leaving or some to be effective in their place work as it relates to fiber optics.

FTTx Solution based services and Trainings
We have seen that fiber optics is the present and future of data/signal communication. Thus, we want to be at the fore front of FTTx/OLAN fiber architecture to homes, business areas, government’s agencies etc.

Fiber optics has become the predominant communications medium, not just for telephony (voice), but also for cable television (CATV), security systems (CCTV) and computer networks (Data, VoIP, VoD etc.) Presently, fiber optics applications had even gone into computer motherboard design/constructions, embedded systems and control engineering. Even wireless antennas (Passive and Active) are connected on fiber. Techs and engineers in all these relative fields are expected to understand how fiber optics technology works and its incorporation to other medium of data transmission.